Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Quest Begins

For over 10 years I have been slowly researching two family lines, with little success. It seems that there is an over-abundance of information on the John Phibbs family out there, but none about the John David Matherley family. My intention is to make this a clearing house for links and info on these two families, mostly the Phibbs side.

Phibbs Background

The Phibbs family has many interesting historical incidents. In medicine we span the ages with a James Phipps being the first person to be inoculated against smallpox, and Dr. Brendan Phibbs a noteable WWII physican and author. I first became enamored with the study of the Phibbs family when as a child I saw an illustration of little James Phipps being inoculated. I was amazed a distant relative was in my history textbook. Later, I heard about Dr. Phibbs the author, and decided to delve into the rich history of the Phibbs line.

At present there are about six nurses from the Phibbs line working in the South. A few others are in various positions in hospitals. I'm not sure what draws Phibbs women (and a few men) into the medical field, but as of last year three more are contemplating returning to school to pursue a career in nursing. I think it has to do with the mothering instinct so solid in Phibbs women. The Phibbs women I have known are compassionate to a fault.

Matherley Background

Almost non-existant references make the Matherley line a mystery to me. I know of few Matherleys and no young male Matherleys to carry on the family names.